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These are homepages of infamous Action Quake 2 clan fAtigue. The clan was founded in august 2005. If you want to challenge us for a clanwar come to our iRC channel #clan.fAt at quakenet.

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<@Papri> repee tolle, kun tonne aq2suomen kannulle kirjottelee noi

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Today is 5.12.2019


back in track!

We decided to bring some skill and activity back to puny aq2 scene. We are back with the best of former members and with a few new guys. If you think you would fit in our crew or would just like to ask for a cw, pay a visit #clan.fAt @ qnet.
08.06.2009 13:47 juM8o

New homepages

Topic tells pretty much, we got new homepages few days ago by juM8o... well clan is still on break.. lets see if it will stay this way..
22.09.2008 11:17 juM8o