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These are homepages of infamous Action Quake 2 clan fAtigue. The clan was founded in august 2005. If you want to challenge us for a clanwar come to our iRC channel #clan.fAt at quakenet.

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Today is 5.12.2019

clan fAtigue -AQ2 clan
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Matches vs Ambush
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520Amb'Ambush30 - 39gg
493Amb'Ambush23 - 25bg, camped
474Amb'Ambush29 - 27gg, grimmy ei kerenny seivaa niit :p
418Amb'Ambush23 - 29gg, olpo kickittii ku ei oikee vieny koskaa :p
328Amb'Ambush24 - 18gg, jotaa pelleilyy oli alus mut sit se läks siitä sujumaa.
254Amb'Ambush35 - 34gg, our whole team sucked expect punisher
220Amb'Ambush1 - 2Yep, Grimmy. It cant be gg so we quitted and that was last game vs Amb for while
216Amb'Ambush23 - 30gg, we sucked! ;<
171Amb'Ambush26 - 23GG
168Amb'Ambush23 - 27GG, grimmy med ssg..
157Amb'Ambush20 - 8They left after their map
153Amb'Ambush28 - 21GG, some whine about singles =D
124Amb'Ambush22 - 32GG
122Amb'Ambush22 - 25GG
98 Amb'Ambush22 - 32
77 Amb'Ambush21 - 32
60 Amb'Ambush28 - 26
52Amb'Ambush24 - 19very GG! :))
47Amb'Ambush19 - 27GG
26Amb'Ambush26 - 29GG