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These are homepages of infamous Action Quake 2 clan fAtigue. The clan was founded in august 2005. If you want to challenge us for a clanwar come to our iRC channel #clan.fAt at quakenet.

Random sentence:
<Jukasa> diamonds are forever on kyl paras bondi

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Matches vs Global Soldiers
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610[GS]Global Soldiers30 - 24gg
594[GS]Global Soldiers31 - 20bg, whine, camp etc...
385[GS]Global Soldiers33 - 6Ihme peelo tuo focal, pistää +w.o, kun itse ego quittaavat vikinöiden kera.
370[GS]Global Soldiers27 - 23campy, bg...
325[GS]Global Soldiers35 - 18gg, whine about cheats by DRP XD
319[GS]Global Soldiers35 - 26gg, Focal busted for using frkq2_wallhack
308[GS] (dP)Global Soldiers1 - 0bg, they had [dP] gArP faking B< busted, Drp wasnt recording even we asked, so... they are total jerks
301[GS]Global Soldiers29 - 23gg, Focal on oppinu käyttäytyy, tosin hänen veljesä on seonnu B<
295[GS]Global Soldiers1 - 0BG, they had fakes like big pimp aka Sav :(
294[GS]Global Soldiers53 - 15Focal itki et JuM8ol ja feitil wh... gg..