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These are homepages of infamous Action Quake 2 clan fAtigue. The clan was founded in august 2005. If you want to challenge us for a clanwar come to our iRC channel #clan.fAt at quakenet.

Random sentence:
<CLOUVER> oisit saanu pindee

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Today is 9.12.2019

clan fAtigue -AQ2 clan
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Matches vs Red Army
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557<RA>Red Army33 - 24gg
459<RA>Red Army30 - 38cliff2 :/
238<RA>Red Army35 - 29GG
196<RA>Red Army32 - 30GG, camp
176<RA>Red Army28 - 27GG, JuM8o sucked :<
43<RA>Red Army25 - 29we sucked :/