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These are homepages of infamous Action Quake 2 clan fAtigue. The clan was founded in august 2005. If you want to challenge us for a clanwar come to our iRC channel #clan.fAt at quakenet.

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<feit> spede on kuollu jumbel0

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Today is 16.12.2019

clan fAtigue -AQ2 clan
wins 10 (55.6%)loses 8 (44.4%)

Matches vs pr0fessionals
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626/pr0pr0fessionals27 - 43gg wp /pr0, rematch soon
620/pr0pr0fessionals33 - 31gg
617/pr0pr0fessionals36 - 33gg
604/pr0pr0fessionals7 - 6+w.o
578/pr0pr0fessionals19 - 49gg
488/pr0pr0fessionals25 - 44gg, we tested cliff2 :D wich we lost FAIRLY BD
464/pr0pr0fessionals26 - 31Kustii oikee kunnol, mut ei niittenkää peli miltää hyvält näyttäny.
392/pr0pr0fessionals21 - 30gg, we sucked..
325/pr0pr0fessionals28 - 26gg, vähä hikistä oli
261/pr0pr0fessionals33 - 26gg, we sucked bw2
229/pr0pr0fessionals23 - 30Janner med 100 ping tells a lot.
225/pr0pr0fessionals28 - 25GG
219/pr0pr0fessionals32 - 24GG
191/pr0pr0fessionals30 - 29GG
160/pr0pr0fessionals30 - 255on5 @ minimaps like rt and dusty =D
129/pr0pr0fessionals35 - 21GG, we pwnd totally :)
119/pr0pr0fessionals26 - 30GG
93/pr0pr0fessionals24 - 40GG